The Pacer Pursuit

What is the Pacer Pursuit?

It is an opportunity for students to ultimately experience USC Aiken.  There are 63 traditions at USC Aiken that we believe give you that experience.  The way the Pacer Pursuit works is you attend one of the traditions and take a selfie of yourself there.  Once you have submitted all of your pictures, a committee of faculty/staff will review your submission to receive your reward... a medal to wear at your graduation!  To complete the Pacer Pursuit, you must submit 45 of the 63 traditions listed.

How to Participate

Take a picture of yourself at one of the traditions listed. Send the picture to to submit it.  When you submit your pictures, make sure to declare which tradition and your name in either the body or title of the email or name of picture. 


For seniors graduating on May 4, 2016, deadline to submit photos is April 20, 2016.

On Campus

  1. Go to an intramural event

  2. Participate in Move-in Day

  3. Splash around at WaterFest

  4. Get jolly at HolidayFest

  5. Go to Get on Board day

  6. Go to a PUB event

  7. Attend Greek forum

  8. Attend the Career Fair

  9. Go to a school sponsored party

  10. Play ping pong or pool in the SAC

  11. Take a selfie with a quad horse

  12. Participate in Pros vs. Joes 

  13. Meet the Chancellor

  14. Relax in a Rocking Chair/Quad Swing

  15. Dance all night at Dance Marathon 

  16. Sit by fire

  17. Yell like Hell at the Homecoming game

  18. Picture This! (Double Knot)

  19. Mix n’ Mingle at the Homecoming Soiree

  20. Go to the Fountain Run/NPHC Presentation/IFC

  21. Attend a SGA Meeting

  22. Attend Diversity/International Event

  23. Join a student organization

  24. Visit the Pickens-Salley House

  25. Attend IMPACT event

  26. Participate Alternative Fall/Spring Break

  27. Help out with Housing's Safe Trick or Treat

  28. Get scared at the Haunted Hike

  29. Broken Ink

  30. Pacer Times

  31. Relieve Finals stress at Stress Blowout Breakfast

  32. Attend Performing Art event

  33. Attend Student Art Show

  34. Travel and Represent the University at a Conference or Program

  35. Take a selfie with a Fountain

  36. Take a selfie with a University Police officer

  37. Get your Wellness Center membership


  1. Attend/Participate in Research Day

  2. Get help at an Academic Lab/Help Center

  3. Go Global! (Study Abroad) 

  4. Finish ICE credit

  5. Pull an all nighter

Aiken Community

  1. Attend a Men’s Pacers Sports game

  2. Attend a Lady Pacers Sports game

  3. Go to Pacer Madness

  4. Take a picture with Ace

  5. Cheer at the Augusta Rivalry Game

  6. Run/walk the Pacer Path


  1. Attend Steeplechase

  2. Attend Pacers and Polo

  3. Attend Any Downtown Event

  4. Go to Hitchcock Woods

  5. Attend Aiken’s Makin’

  6. Go to the Lights @ Hopeland Gardens

  7. Stroll down South Boundary

  8. Take a picture with the Whiskey/Easy Street sign

  9. Visit Banksia


  1. Visit/Eat Downtown

  2. Have breakfast at the Track Kitchen

  3. Have a late night Waffle House run

  4. Go to Mi Rancho

  5. Get Starbucks from the SAC

  6. Get food from the station

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